Immediately following news that Ford is under investigation for a couple of vehicle types they sell in Texas and are recalling due to a potential flaw that allows gasoline to leak onto the engine and making them a fire risk, Ford has now added almost another half million trucks to their recall list.

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So, in summary, Ford is already recalling around 43,000 of Ford Broncos Sports and Escape SUVs because they can pretty much catch fire without warning due to an unsecure fuel system. Now, another 456,000 trucks are being added to the recall list because their drive power system can suddenly fail.

Texas is definitely truck country, so it is very likely you know someone who drives one of the newest recalled vehicles. The good news is the trucks that are in need of repair are from 2021 to 2024 models, and it can be remedied with a software update.

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Massive Number Of New Texas Sold Trucks Added To Recall

This recall is effecting Ford Bronco Sports and Maverick pickup trucks. It is entirely possible that certain Bronco Sports suffer from both mechanical issues, and depending on where you get it serviced, a single visit might be able to correct the safety concerns.

The Ford Bronco Sports that potentially have overlapping safety flaws has actually spawned a formal investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is likely that NHTSA wants to make sure a software update will be adequate as Ford has suggested.

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