While sometimes we don't want to, we all have to work in Texas.

Sometimes working in Texas is a pain in the you-know-what. Whether it be due to the weather, or due to the day having a lot to do, the factors are endless. Anything could determine how a workday goes.

Sometimes though, the day just feels like it's going longer than normal. Those days are just the worst aren't they? There's no way to shake that feeling either.

But here's the thing, sometimes the day actually is longer than we all expect. Thankfully it feels like those days are few and far between. Except...the Lone Star State is working much harder and longer than many in the nation expect.

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How much you ask? Let's found out, as data exists.

How Long Are We Working In The State Of Texas?

CW33 has the information regarding working hours of Lone Star State residents. They report, thanks to Wealth of Geeks, data shows Texans work a lot. According to them, "22,530,209,000 hours were worked in the state in 2022, with 12,588,259 total jobs."

When Wealth of Geeks averaged that out, 34.42 hours per week was the amount most Texans were on the job. Where did that land the state in terms of the national average?

Number one. Yes, Texas landed in the top spot of working hours. Anybody else starting to feel a little tired?

One thing is for sure, all who work in Texas have earned a vacation. At least for a day right?

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