There too many street to count in the state of Texas.

After all, a big state such as this has plenty of pavement to go around. We've all been on a bumpy street, a street so smooth you think it must've been paved recently, and of course a street full of potholes. We all hate those don't we?

But when the streets are perfect in Texas, it's certainly something to celebrate about. There's plenty of reasons for Lone Star pavement to be at the top of the class. Mainly the one we all think about it is when there are no other persons on it with us of course.

But there are other certain factors that make a street simply excellent. Wouldn't you know it, one street in Austin has made the state, and the nation as a whole, proud.

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One Austin, Texas Street Holds A Major Advantage Over Others

Timeout, using various factors, ranked the top 30 streets in not just the nation, but the world as a whole. So the USA faced from stiff competition from across the globe. But how did Austin end up on the list you ask?


Timeout placed Eleventh Street in Austin at number three in the top 30 streets in the world. The amenities offered which placed it in that spot included the eateries offered, like Franklin Barbeque or Paperboy. Of course shopping is also included too!

So, Austin once again is showing the rest of the state how it is done. Maybe a street in Dallas or El Paso could improve to match up? Who knows!

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