A couple located in Hays County is currently making an adjustment not to their home, but to deed of the home. Why you ask? Simply put, it's all in the details.

A Home Deed With Language Unbecoming Of Our Current Time

According to KXAN, Angela and Jenell Pham have lived in Wimberley, Texas since 2019. While they do enjoy the land they live on, there's been something that hasn't made them feel so good, and it's not on the premises itself.

Rather, it's on a piece of paper. The deed of the home contains wording that isn't fit the for the times we live in. KXAN interviewed the couple, and they explained the wording:

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The full wording is as follows:

“The owners, their heirs or assigns, shall not sell or convey any part of sale premises to a person not of the Caucasian race and no residence lot shall beused by persons not of the Caucasian race except as domestic servants working for the family occupying the residence,”

Thankfully, the Phams are working on changing the wording in the deed. But how are they doing so? Thanks to a new law in The Lone Star State.

The Attempt To Change The Deed Wording

KXAN reports that in the year of 2021, the Phams filed documentation in the Hays County Clerk’s Office to change the phrasing of the deed. At the time of writing, it is unknown what else the Phams will need to do. But while they wait, they've encouraged others to check their deeds for the language mentioned either.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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