Millie Bobby Brown was 12 years old when Stranger Things first debuted on Netflix in 2016. Now she is 19, and the show is still going on — and still has an entire final season left to shoot. Brown’s character, Eleven is still ostensibly a teenager, but Brown herself is growing up. And she’s ready to move on to other things.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Brown said that the impending fifth and final season of Stranger Things is akin to graduating from high school, “when you’re ready, you’re like, ‘All right, let’s do this. Let’s tackle this last senior year. Let’s get out of here.”

She also said she is “ready to say ‘Thank you and goodbye’” to the series because it “takes up a lot of time to film and it’s preventing me from creating stories that I’m passionate about.”


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Stranger Things undeniably made Brown’s early career, and helped her continue on to projects like the Enola Holmes films and the Godzilla movies. And she does say that working on Stranger Things gave her “the tools and the resources to be a better actor.” But she also does not seem too shaken up that there’s only one season left. (“When it ends, I’m going to be able to still see these people,” she noted.)

Although Stranger Things has been on the air for seven years, it has only produced 34 episodes to date; each season of the show seems to take more time than the last to write and produce. And given that it’s a series about teens coming of age, when the actors playing those teens have already come of age like two or three years ago at this point, that does go a long way toward explaining why Stranger Things is expected to end with its upcoming fifth season. (Netflix is already developing at least one spinoff series, and a stage play is set to debut later this fall.)

These final episodes do not yet have a release date on Netflix; filming cannot begin until the conclusion of the ongoing actors strike.

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