Popular TV shows really know how to get into our heads. Seeing those establishing shots in the opening credits over and over tricks us into thinking the shows are filmed in those actual homes. But the truth is, it's the opposite.

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TV Homes Aren't Where You Think They Are

It's rare for television programs to be filmed in the actual homes they feature; that all happens on sound stages. An extreme example of this is the Brady Bunch house, which was recently gutted inside to look like the interior shots from the iconic TV show as part of a program on HGTV. Confusing? Kind of.

Even more interesting are shows like Golden Girls, which was set in Miami, while the home used in shots from the TV show is actually in Los Angeles.

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Palm Trees Behind TV House in Milwaukee
Google Street View

Palm Trees in Milwaukee?

In some cases (you'll see one below), a show based in Milwaukee had palm trees strategically left out of the shots. Last we checked, palm trees don't grow in Milwaukee.

Think you know your TV homes? We've scoured Google Street View and found some of the most iconic TV homes, spanning from the wholesome '60s, to the quirky '70s, the awesome '80s, the nostalgic '90s through to today.

Can you identify which shows made these real-life homes famous? We'll show you what the real house looks like on Google Street View and then reveal the TV show in the next photo.

IMPORTANT: These are private homes and approaching them may result in criminal prosecution. 

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