A German shepherd who is rather enthusiastic about garbage is quickly gaining thousands of adoring fans.

Hilarious Farm Dog Adventures

Buck is one of a several dogs regularly featured on the TikTok account @smileysangels. Videos typically show the adventures of Buck and others who live at Sunny Acres farm in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, just a short drive north of Toronto.

The account was started in honor of Smiley, a blind dog that built a huge following on Instagram before his passing a little more than 6 years ago.

While Smiley is no longer around, there is plenty of entertaining mischief to share thanks to Buck and the rest of the pups at Sunny Acres.

Buck Plays Fetch With Garbage

One of the more popular posts in recent weeks is a short clip of the enthusiastic Buck running to the home's front door to grab a bag of garbage.

While some dogs might be inclined to root through the rubbish, Buck takes his job seriously. His mission is clearly to take out the trash.

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Unfortunately, Reggie the golden doodle had other plans. The dog plows into Buck as the bag of garbage explodes in the air upon impact.

An unfazed Buck continues to carry the nearly-empty bag. He has a job to do.

'He Was So Proud'

Videos of Buck, Reggie and the flying garbage have amassed millions of views over the past few days while also winning over the hearts of TikTok followers.

"Poor guy and he was so proud," TikTok user @linandsharon commented.

Others couldn't help but notice Reggie's carefree attitude about the incident.

"That doodle is every manager, makes the mess and then watches you clean it up," TikToker @desaraesmith8 said in the comments.

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