The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to the Superbowl but one video has people talking about one player in particular. No, not Jason Kelce but one of Lubbock's favorite sons. Patrick Mahomes.


If you're a fan of sports then you might know the show Inside the NFL that shows what goes on behind the scenes of some of your favorite athletes. One particular clip is making it's round on the internet showcasing none other than Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes can be seen in the clip talking to the Kansas City Chiefs in the locker room while shirtless and this has lots of fans divided.


Many are debating on whether or not Mahomes 'dad bod' is a relief for men to witness or something that should not be looked at with a magnifying glass. That's due to the reported "belly" Mahomes has taken to point out in a social media post on Twitter.

Mahomes took to the social media site X to respond with some slight embarrassment of how he seemed to have been portrayed on screen with a none defined body. Many people were also quick to point out that Mahomes was doing more for the average joe and was an inspiration to many that you don't need a six-pack to be successful. Which is true but are people just being easy on Mahomes because he is an athlete?


While no one would bat an eye on what Mahomes body would like if he wasn't an athlete is seems that with his inspiring speech Mahomes has rallied pro-dad bod enthusiasts. Seeing an athlete with just a belly hasn't done much for my mental health but it is nice to see Mahomes know he has a dad bod and acknowledges it.

What do you think about Mahomes dad bod? Is it #dadbodszn or should Mahomes put a shirt on until his beach body comes in? Let us know in the comments.

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