R.I.P. to Uga X who sadly passed away today. One of his most famous moments was almost getting killed on live television.

Sad News on the Georgia Mascot

News broke earlier today that Uga X has passed away. He was officially the Georgia mascot from Nov. 21, 2015 until his retirement in the 2022 season. As of right now, he goes down as the winningest Georgia mascot ever. Uga X witnessed back-to-back national championships, two Southeastern Conference football titles and wins at the Rose, Peach, Orange and Sugar bowls. However here in Texas, Uga X was almost killed at a Sugar Bowl. Let's look back on that moment as we remember this doggo.

Bevo Almost Kills Uga at the Sugar Bowl

Back in 2019, Bevo's natural animal instincts kicked in. Somewhere in his DNA he knows this animal was bred to take him down. That's right, the bull in bulldog comes from the 1600's where the animal was bred to take down bulls. Well Bevo felt years of bulldog bites from his ancestors and said "f*** this!" and charged at Uga.

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Bevo wasn't messing around, the horns go down towards Uga and Uga's trainer gets him the hell out of there. I have no idea what would have happened if Bevo didn't stop charging. Bevo won the mascot battle before the game and the Longhorns won the Sugar Bowl in 2019 28-21. I'm glad to know Uga did not die on this day and got to see his bulldogs win several championships over the next few years. R.I.P. Uga, you're one of my favorite sports mascots.

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