There isn't one person in the state of Texas that wants to overpay for any items. We all work hard for our money, and we would rather that money stay in our account instead of handing it over to a big company like Walmart. While I know a lot of people don’t like Walmart for various reasons, I will admit that I appreciate the “rollback prices” they offer since they are so large and can buy in bulk, I’ll take any savings I can get. But what items are cheaper to purchase at your local dollar store instead of paying more at Walmart? 

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It’s a question that many people have wondered, which is cheaper going to Walmart or the Dollar Store. That is a difficult question because it comes down to the specific price at that time, plus you’re also going to want to look at the quantity of the product. But recently there was an article created by Go Banking Rates that detailed some items that they also seem to find at a better price when at Dollar Tree when comparing the price to Walmart. 

Check Expiration Dates 

While we all want to save money, we also want a good product. And often times you see items at dollar stores that have gone past their “use by” date, just make sure you check to make sure the product you buy still works as intended.  

Let’s Look at the Items 

Here is a look at the items that you will probably find cheaper at a dollar store instead of purchasing them at Walmart.  

Items Cheaper at the Dollar Store Than Walmart

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