At this point every family in the great state of Texas is excited about Thanksgiving. Most families have already pulled their turkey out of the freezer which is good because if you haven’t done so already you might need to see if you can buy a fresh turkey somewhere. Everyone is going to eat a big meal and enjoy some time with family around the table, but if you have family that will be sticking around for a few days I have a list of movies that everyone can agree on around the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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Now obviously on Thanksgiving Day there will be millions of Texans watching Thanksgiving Day Parades and then switching over to football with the Packers and Lions kicking off at 11:30am, Commanders playing the Cowboys at 3:30pm, and 49ers vs. Seahawks at 7:20pm. But after the football is over and the meal is put away if you’re still with family there are so many fantastic movie options to choose from that the whole family will love. 

Slow Down and Enjoy Time With Family 

We’re all going so fast throughout the year making progress at work and at home but during the holidays enjoy the loved ones that you don’t see that much. Take the time to slow down and watch a movie and be thankful for the time together, life is going quick, enjoy the few moments we get to spend time with family. 

Let’s Look at the List of Movies 

You’re most likely going to be able to find these movies on one of the streaming services that you already pay each month, but if not, spend a few dollars to rent one of these online. You’re not going to be disappointed with your selection, and if you are, go into the kitchen and get another slice of pie.  

10 Thanksgiving Movies That The Whole Family Will LOVE

Getting ready for Thanksgiving here is a look at some movies that everyone will enjoy watching together.

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