Ah, the 4th of July. Celebrating Independence Day is a write of passage no matter where you live in the United States. Grills are fired up, beverages are ice cold, music is cranked up, and families are enjoying a day of picnicking, playing outdoor games, listening to their favorite music or live band(s), and of course-FIREWORKS. And let's be honest-99% of the population NEVER just strictly 'leaves it to the professionals' when it comes to fireworks. We like to go buy and shoot off our own! But living in West Texas, you have to be careful with it being so dry here most of the year-you could cause a fire to get out of control if you're not careful.

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Which is why-with the potential risks-it never ceases to amaze me why there aren't more restrictions on alcohol sales on July 4th like there are in Texas on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. On those holidays, it is illegal to purchase alcohol in the State Of Texas... And all we wanna do on THOSE holidays is drown our sorrows in the fact our inlaws haven't gone home yet. We aren't outside with lighters igniting mini explosives and throwing them, or sending them in the air. So something seems off with this logic. So I'm thinking that next legislative session--we should petition our lawmakers to reverse these laws and cover July 4th, and let Thanksgiving and Christmas go. I don't really care about New Year's Day--I've had all my fun the night before.

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