Everyone these days is in a hurry. And when it's lunchtime, and you have to be back at the office in an hour from the time you walk out to the time you're back at your desk, or work station-you really need the fastest experience possible when it comes to where you choose to get in line-especially if you're driving thru. I've been to just about every chain fast food place in the Midland-Odessa area, and I'm here to tell ya. It's Chik-Fil-A, in the lot off Faudree Rd in Odessa. It's in the lot in between Rosa's / Texas Burger and Taco Villa, and the staff there is always very friendly and energetic. They are quick to take your order and get you thru the line, friendly when you pull around to the window to pick up your food, and always accurate with your order.

The entire experience when I was there took just under 5 minutes, and that was DURING the lunch hour. So if you're looking for the best chance to get some good food and not be in trouble with the boss coming back from lunch late-give, this location a try (if you're close, of course. If not--kind of defeats the purpose of being on time and you turn travel time into an additional takeaway). I'd welcome debate on this topic if you've had a quicker experience somewhere in the Midland-Odessa area during a peak time of day-comment below, and let's hear about where it was and how long it took YOU to get your food and be on your way with a correct order in the bag.

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