Listener Wrote:

So, I'm new to MATCH DOT COM and I need some guidance from someone who knows what they are doing. LOL Here's the thing I have matched up with several ladies but there's the thing I need help with. Some of the ladies ASKED A LOT OF QUESTIONS and there are some that don't ask much....Which way should I roll?


Dude, as long as she's trying to carry on a conversation, you're still in there. One word answers, she's talking to some other guy. . #playanomics

Maaaaan, I tried those sites for years until I decided no mas.
I'm more interested in if someone looks like their profile pic first, before we go any further.
Never got past a first date with any. I gave up over a year ago.

Just go with the flow it's dating, but if she's interested and not asking she may be a H O FO SHO

Kristal Martinez
If they can carry a convo, then your good. Like someone else said in here, if they're one worded convos or they're short, she's talking to other dudes. Stick with the ones that talk.

This is insane and why dating is are a MAN right? Ask her on a date, talk to her in person, discuss things she likes and ask her on another date...this ritual of weeks of texting is stupid and boring. I can say/be anyone over text, take her out on a date!! Check the chemistry, then decide. Geez.

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