I know it's not Halloween but everyone likes a good ghost story every now and then. Here is a list of said to be haunted placed in Midland and Odessa.

1. Copper Rose Building- Odessa

2. Santa Fe Apartment-Midland

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According to Haunted Places: 

Apartment 2F is considered haunted after some sort of extremely violent event in the early 2000s. The staff decided to re-rent the place with new doors and carpets. At first the showers would go on by themselves and the closest apartment, which was closed each night, was open in the mornings. This started getting worse as hair pulling and things getting thrown started occurring. Ripping papers with prayers and scratching of furniture with evidence of these markings. The attacks got more physical. Dogs would not enter the main room – they would get water or other things thrown at them. Several exorcisms took place but the “things” always came back worse. Residents were pulled out of bed and started to find mysterious bruises on their bodies.

Nevertheless, it is said that a new family has moved into the apartment recently, and has not experienced anything paranormal.

Source: Cat

3. Museum of the Southwest

According to Haunted Places: 

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Folks say the ghost of a former owner, who was murdered here before the mansion was turned into a museum, haunts the upstairs portion of the building.

4. The Barn Door


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