Vandals, you know who you are! Thanks for making me feel like that “old lady” yelling at the kids to “GET OFF MY LAWN.” To the people who get a thrill ruining the air pumps at the gas stations in town…don’t. Just don’t. You aren’t funny, and it isn’t cool. The rest of us are over it! You are putting people in danger.

So, here’s what went down: I went the other night to FOUR different gas stations looking to put air in my low tire. Literally, after each one, I just kept thinking to myself, “ I am sure this pump will work”! O.M.G. I repeated my mantra five times! Yep, you are reading that right, FIVE times. Five stops to get air in a tire that should have taken one!

Can you say frustrating??? That’s the nicest word I can use here. Frustration not only for myself, but the teen girl driving by herself late at night. The older couple who can’t see well at night that ends up in an accident because of some kid prank!

Some people truly need this service. I had one low tire, and I needed a little bit of air to fill it but nope, not an easy task. It seemed as though each gas station we visited had something wrong with the air pump. What’s worse? I ran to five stations, willing to PAY MONEY to use the service, only to discover there was a nozzle that was crushed, bent, or heck! The darn thing was missing! It shouldn’t be so much work to go and put air in your tires!

Listen, I don’t know if it is kids or adults or both, but there are better ways to channel your anger. Stop destroying the pumps! Take a kickboxing class. Buy a punching bag or jump in the ring. Go home and talk to someone. Just DON’T DESTROY MY AIR PUMPS! I have a daily commute that takes about an hour on a good day. I would love not to add 45 minutes to my journey because you cannot grow up! This shouldn’t be an issue. I shouldn’t be here worked up over your bad behavior when I am not the angry one. I should be writing about happy things, and instead, I am ranting to people who may not even be able to read (just assuming since you can’t act grown!)

And to the stations, I know you don’t always know when it is broken. You may not have extra parts lying around. But when you charge for a service…where is that money going? Maybe have a backup part just in case. That, to me, is real customer service. And I think good customer service should be recognized. Shout out to Kent Kwik on 87th and loop 338 in Odessa, they had my back! That is where I ultimately found the completely intact air and water pump that I needed.

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