GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Green Bay Packers got all the help they needed Sunday so that all they have to do is win their regular-season finale against the Detroit Lions to make the playoffs. On Monday, they might have gotten one more assist from the NFL.

The league announced that the Packers-Lions game at Lambeau Field will be the final game of the regular season on Sunday night at 8:20 ET.

Both the Packers and Lions are 8-8, but Green Bay needs no other help to clinch the NFL's final wild-card spot if it wins. However, Detroit needs the Seattle Seahawks (8-8) to lose to the Los Angeles Rams (5-11).

Because that game will be played at 4:25 p.m. ET and will be over before the Packers-Lions kickoff, a Seahawks win would eliminate the Lions, who would then have nothing to play for against the Packers, who would knock out the Seahawks if they beat the Lions.

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The final wild-card spot in the AFC will also be determined on Sunday with the three teams vying for the playoff berth -- the New England Patriots (8-8), Miami Dolphins (8-8) and Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8) -- all scheduled to play at 1 p.m. ET.

The Patriots will clinch the spot with a win at the Buffalo Bills but also can qualify with losses by the Dolphins and Steelers and a victory by the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Tennessee Titans on Saturday night. If the Patriots lose, the Dolphins will clinch the spot with a win against the New York Jets. The Steelers, meanwhile, would clinch if they defeat the Cleveland Browns and both the Patriots and Dolphins lose.

If the Jaguars lose on Saturday night and the Patriots, Dolphins and Steelers all lose, then Jacksonville would clinch the AFC's final wild-card spot.

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