Tuesday is a super important day, its election day also known as Super Tuesday.  This election you will be voting for many local positions, along with choosing Presidential candidates in 16 states including Texas. Both Democrats and Republicans will head to the voters box with voting hours varying from state to state, common time is 7a - 7p.

Here are the requirements to vote;

You must be a citizen of the United States with a photo legal ID

You must be a resident of the county you will be voting in

You must be 18 years old

You can not be a convicted felon

Early Voting Begins In Michigan Ahead Of Primary
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Who all is on the ballot in Texas:

15 State Senators

1 out of 3 Railroad Commissioners

3 members of the Texas Supreme Court

5 Chief Justices

7 State Board of Education Members

1 US Senator

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South Carolina Prepares To Hold Next Primary For Presidential Nominations
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The Presidential Primary is the one most people are most interested in.  Joe Biden (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican) are the leaders of their parties. But as we have seen in the past you just don't ever know until all the votes are in.

Former President Trump Holds A Campaign Rally In Michigan
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For more information on voting locations, hours, and candidates you can go to your individual cities website.  Many places will help disabled or elderly to vote just contact the elections office in advance to set up.

Every election is important, as is this one.  Each individual in the Great  State of Texas should exercise their right to vote and get out tomorrow and exercise that right.  Again for additional information on voting check out your cities website.

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