The first AP College Football poll of the 2022 season has arrived. The Big Ten and Big 12 represented well, capturing 7 of the top 25 spots, including landing 4 of the top 10.

Alabama landed atop the rankings for the ninth time overall in program history, and are followed by Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson, and Notre Dame.

Outside of the Buckeyes, Michigan is the highest ranked team from either conference, coming in at #8.

Here is the complete poll, including the 'others receiving votes' category:

1. Alabama (54)13-2
2. Ohio St. (6)11-2
3. Georgia (3)14-1
4. Clemson10-3
5. Notre Dame11-2
6. Texas A&M8-4
7. Utah10-4
8. Michigan12-2
9. Oklahoma11-2
10. Baylor12-2
11. Oregon10-4
12. Oklahoma St.12-2
13. NC State9-3
14. Southern Cal4-8
15. Michigan St.11-2
16. Miami7-5
17. Pittsburgh11-3
18. Wisconsin9-4
19. Arkansas9-4
20. Kentucky10-3
21. Ole Miss10-3
23. Cincinnati13-1
24. Houston12-2
25. BYU10-3

Others receiving votes: Tennessee 180, Texas 164, Iowa 163, Penn State 160, LSU 55, Fresno State 32, Minnesota 31, UCF 27, Purdue 17, Mississippi State 15, Auburn 15, Kansas State 14, Florida 14, North Carolina 9, Boise State 5, Appalachian State 4, Air Force 4, South Carolina 2, Utah State 2, UCLA 2, San Diego State 2, Nebraska 1

In total, 14 Big Ten and Big 12 schools have garnered recognition in the preseason AP Poll. We'll see how it all plays out shortly, as we'll be watching the kickoff of the college football season in just over a week, as Nevada takes on New Mexico State on Friday, August 26th.


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