Ex NFL Player Antonio Brown is no stranger to controversy. However, Brown has crossed over to a point of no return as he posted a picture that mocked mental disabilities.

Brown is so far gone into his own ego that he has no regard for anyone else. His ignorance is on full display for him to post a picture like that, or he just doesn't care. Either way, it is horrible.

However, Brown wasn't done burning bridges as over the past month he has continually taken shots at Tom Brady and his wife during their trying time.

Brown may also be in legal trouble in Dubai. Andy Slater reports that Brown is being accused of stealing $122,000 in jewelry while in Dubai and having the jeweler falsely jailed for a month.

Whether or not anything comes from that Antonio Brown has been destroying his legacy for a long time now. However, this past month has been like pouring lighter fluid on a lit match. Whether it's Brown making fun of mental disabilities or taking shots at the man who saved his career, he has shown he is a horrible person. And he doesn't care whether or not we think he's horrible or not. At this point, he deserves no more of our attention because that's what he thrives on.

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