The Arizona Election audit results will be released today, so former President Trump is now calling on Governor Abbott to have an audit for the 2020 Texas election.

According to the Texas Tribune, former President Trump is running out of time to call for an audit in Texas, which is why he is pushing for an audit of the 2020 election.

In a letter published yesterday (September 23, 2021), Trump said, “Texans have big questions about the November 2020 elections." which a majority of us do not, and also paper ballots are only kept for 22 months after an election so time is of the essence if he wants to get it done.

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No evidence has been discovered of widespread voter fraud in any of the states, and the Texas Secretary of State who oversaw the 2020 election and who was appointed by Gov. Abbott, declared the election "smooth and secure."

Gov. Abbott has not responded to the request for comment, but one of his challengers in the GOP Primary for governor, Don Huffines, has called for election audits to be added to the special session.

Remember these audits will be costing taxpayers, so everyone who is for these audits is for it costing themselves and the rest of us in the end.

Trump won Texas by 5 points in the 2020 election, so why an audit needs to be done is silly in the first place, but when it is costing taxpayers to conduct these audits is when I call foul.

There was no widespread election fraud in the Texas election, so let's stop this craziness.


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