Dennis Allen has struggled as Saints head coach this year, with the team's discipline and consistency constantly being proven to be subpar at best. Things aren't looking great for Allen's second chance at the position since his failures in Oakland.

Saints fans are particularly displeased with his laissez-faire attitude towards seemingly everything. The frustration level has raised even higher today due to a few of Allen's comments both during and after Thursday night's embarrassing display.

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Firstly, after an opening half of football in which Andy Dalton threw three interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns, Allen evidently told Andy Dalton to change nothing about his play.

Soooo... he wanted Dalton to throw six picks? Needless to say, this set off quite a few Saints fans.

But Allen didn't stop there. After the game mercifully ended, one would think he would take some time to think about how this team could come back swinging today, perhaps into some extra time in the film room given that they have 10 days before their next game.


The players are off until MONDAY? Allen isn't going to make any use of the extra preparation time his team has? I understand wanting your guys to get rest, but at least do some film study or scheming. OFF?

John Hendrix summarized the responses best.

Saints fans didn't hold back and it's clear they aren't happy with the decision.

I actually strongly recommend checking out the thread that followed the Michael Scott comparison, because some of those tweets were utter gold.

Of course it's all about winning or losing in the NFL and that's why fans are frustrated, but Allen's cavalier approach to coaching this team has some people wishing for...

Jim Mora?

Evidently fans would rather a losing team with a coach who's furious than one with a coach who's a bit too cool about the whole thing.

As for the Saints season now? Well I feel I can bring in another old Jim Mora clip to summarize that.

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