Five time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston is one of the most talented actors in television. From Malcolm in the Middle to Breaking Bad, the actor has cemented his name into history as one of the greats in the medium. Heck, he even directed a few episodes of The Office.

He is also a long-time LA Dodgers fan.

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When given the opportunity to step in to the box for the MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, Cranston didn't disappoint.

Cranston started his day by being hit by a line drive in batting practice. Afterwards he stated, "It's definitely going to bruise. I might be more of a cheerleader in this game." But he was more than just a cheerleader, he was arguably the most entertaining thing about the game.

At his first at bat, looking like a cross between a mountain man and Albus Dumbledore, the 66 year old squared up, ready to swing. Maybe he thought he might hit a drive in the middle, or perhaps knock one out of the park.

He is the one who knocks after all.

But the pitch he ended up seeing in the fifth inning was breaking, badly. And it led to an absolutely hilarious series of events.

How are the umps this bad in a game that doesn't even matter? This guy must be on some kind of drugs, right?

But Cranston didn't stop at simple dirt-kicking. No, he went further.

The announcer said it best here. "You can't throw gum."

Granted, we know Big League Chew is basically rubber that loses its flavor after 15 seconds but that's still harsh. Not blowing up a dude in a restroom harsh, but y'know... close.

And yes, Cranston was ejected for this tomfoolery, but what would you expect from Hal Wilkerson himself?

And just to add insult to injury, the actor, in his one chance to pitch, nearly immediately hit Hunter Pence with a pitch way out of the box. Pence promptly followed up with an absolute BOMB to center. I would make an Argo reference since Cranston was in that, but I don't remember a thing from that movie so here you go.

Cranston's antics at the Celebrity Game got plenty of attention on social media.

Also shoutout to my man Action Bronson, who both pitched to Cranston and was the catcher who "expertly" framed up the ball that lead to his ejection. Way to go, Baklava.

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