The final home game at every school, from small high schools to the biggest college programs, is reserved to honor the seniors of the program. The Red Raiders have five special seniors that have given varying increments of time to the program.

There are special stories up and down the list of guys playing their final time in Lubbock, but there was one such story that stuck out. ESPN told the story during the broadcast tonight.

According to Holly Rowe on the ESPN broadcast of the Texas Tech-University of Texas game Monday night, Kenia Ramirez, the mother of Brandone Francis, surprised the 5th year senior for his final game in Lubbock.

Rowe mentioned in the broadcast that it was her first time in the United States, and the team had to get her situation resolved for the surprise to work. It was the first time the mother and son saw each other in more than two years.

Watch the touching reunion below:

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