Listener Wrote - So check this out! And, I do mean check, because me and my husband got stuck with the check the other day. Was out for dinner and a couple that me and my husband had a FALLING OUT with ended up sending us THE CHECK and told the waiter we would pay for it! Savage and not cool! Yes I almost lost it because I know SHE was behind it. My husband said look no biggie... we will pay it. I want to call them out and my husband says just leave it. Karma will get them later. I obviously don't fell the same way! Thoughts?


Too bad you can’t order 30 pizzas and have it delivered to them because everything has to be prepaid🙄. Don’t waste your energy, your husband is right KARMA will catch up to them eventually!

Karma takes too long

I wouldn’t have paid it… The restaurant should have verified with you before letting the couple leave.

2 words—-glitter bomb

. Confront them and call them out. Karma takes too long.

Next time y’all go eat dinner run up that tab ! X2 and send the bill to them !

I sure would have said..I don't know them like that but here's thier number and address.Let Karma aka Midland PD deal with the little crooks.

Ay, we can't all be petty, pay, move on, remember to forgive, but NEVER forget! Make a list, check it twice, eat alone, be miserable, get divorced, then sell everything and go fishing. It's the best!

Yes...with this particular couple, just let it go. No need to continue with "their" pettiness. They will continue to be that way. That doesn't mean you have to put up with it from them anymore. When they ask to do things with you, kindly decline. … See more

Most people are Pieces of , pay that check with a smile and move on without them.
Its simple forgive and continue forward but DO NOT forget!

Mo C
Just let it go already.They will have their day

Arthur Aguirre
Listen to your husband

I think your man saved you from getting an a** whoopin if you confronted "her" like you wanted

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