We all remember when Josh Hamilton left the Rangers and exclaimed that Arlington isn't a baseball town. That might be true, but according to WalletHub, it's a better Baseball City than Houston is.
The study took in 31 metrics including Fan friendliness, ticket prices and Stadium accessibility. Obviously, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago all get the leg up because they have two teams a piece, but don't let that distract you from the fact that Arlington is a full eight spots ahead of Houston as a quality baseball city.

Sure, Houston has a chance to win a world series, but priorities, right?

Here is the full list from WalletHub.com:

Top 20 Baseball Cities
1. New York, NY11. Pittsburgh, PA
2. Los Angeles, CA12. Minneapolis, MN
3. St. Louis, MO13. Cleveland, OH
4. Boston, MA14. Detroit, MI
5. Chicago, IL15. Baltimore, MD
6. Atlanta, GA16. Houston, TX
7. San Francisco, CA17. Milwaukee, WI
8. Arlington, TX18. St. Petersburg, FL
9. Oakland, CA19. Philadelphia, PA
10. Cincinnati, OH20. Washington, DC

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