The Appalachian State Mountaineers football team is coming off a disappointing season by their standards, finishing with a record of 6-6.

It marks their worst record since transitioning to the FBS and joining the Sun Belt in 2014.

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Because two of their wins were against FCS opponents, the Mountaineers are not eligible for a Bowl game this year.

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Despite the tough season on the gridiron, the administration may consider it to be the most successful season in program history.

Why? ESPN's "College Gameday".

Back on September 17th, the award-winning ESPN show "College Gameday" was hosted from Boone, North Carolina for the first time ever.

App State did not disappoint.

On top of hosting the greatest college football pregame show of all time, Appalachian State went on to beat eventual Sun Belt Conference Champion Troy that day on the final play of the game with a miraculous Hail Mary.

While "College Gameday" didn't write a check to the University, the sheer amount of free advertising money it gave to App State made it the most successful day in the financial history of the school.

When a campus is promoted the way App State was on "College Gameday", it leads to an increase in applications.

According to The Hickory Record, the Appalachian State Board of Trustees claim the show led to a 25% increase in applications, the equivalent of $360 million in advertising.

$360 million in free advertising is simply incredible.

It proves "College Gameday" is far more valuable than a fun Saturday on campus.

Photo courtesy of Appalachian State Athletics
Photo courtesy of Appalachian State Athletics

While the Mountaineers won't be going to a Bowl for the first time since fully joining the FBS, the Appalachian State Board of Trustees can chalk up the 2022 season to long-term success.

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