If there's one silver lining to disasters, it's that people rally around each other in times of need. For awhile, people put away their differences of race, religion, political preference, etc. and they take the time to help out their fellow Americans.

Hurricane Harvey is no different. Since last week when the outer bands reached the Texas shoreline, we've seen people drop everything and head south to help however they can. We've seen individuals haul their personal boats - sometimes even from out of state - to go help people out of the water. We've seen competition BBQ teams from across the nation come together to make sure that people can get hot, quality meals, we've seen people open up their homes to take refugees, we've seen numerous people set up donations to help with clothes, animal shelters, and more. I mean, the list of compassion and support goes on and on.

If you know someone that has stepped up to help out in ANY capacity during this time of tragedy, let us know. We want them to get the credit they deserve, and we want people to be able to reach out to these people to help.


After browsing through social media, we've seen lots of people that want to help out in some capacity, but don't know where to start. That's where you guys can help us. Let us know if there's someone in your family, or just someone you know that has committed to helping with this disaster relief in any way.

I came across a quote this morning that said, "American is not what happened in Charlottesville. America is what is happening in Houston." (Author Unknown)

Only, I'd change one thing:

"America is not what happened in Charlottesville. America is what is happening in Houston Texas."

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