The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has shut down a radio station that served as the flagship outlet for radio host Alex Jones.

The FCC has also filed a lawsuit against the station’s operators, named Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick. The suit alleges that the station called "Liberty Radio", discovered to be broadcasting out of an apartment complex in Austin, Texas, has operated without a license since 2013.

The FCC claimed the Olenicks have refused to pay a fine of $15,000 or acknowledge the FCC’s authority. Reports say that Liberty Radio stopped airing in December, but has continued to stream content online, including Alex Jones’ "Infowars" radio program. Liberty Radio had been broadcasting on 90.1 FM in Austin.

Jones has faced recent scrutiny for alleged hate speech and is in the midst of a defamation lawsuit related to comments Jones has made in the past that the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 was a hoax.

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