I have stated many times both on-air and in many an article how much I dislike summer. It is 100% my least favorite season of all. You have heard me say everything from the fact that I sweat profusely (some would argue this is not exactly a bad thing, it rids your body of toxins) to I hate being hot, to mosquitoes not being my friends. I am theirs but the feeling is not mutual. Where there is a Rebecca, mosquitoes are most certainly close by. However, today I will attempt to be optimistic, I shall see the good side of summer.

I low-key do love West Texas summers, there is too much good not to. Here are 5 things that I do love about our summers:

  • swimming! We have some of the best swimming in all of Texas right here in Midland-Odessa and surrounding areas. Or maybe you have a pool of your own? Nothing like taking a dip in a cold pool on a triple-digit day
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  • dry heat-take a trip to Houston or San Antonio, you will appreciate a 108-degree day here that much more. No humidity is a good thing!
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  • summer nights-sitting outside on your front or back porch, taking in the beauty of a summer evening sipping on a cold beverage of your choice-sunsets are breathtaking in West Texas
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  • bike riding/walking in the park-I see many people do this and have actually done both in the summer. It is an excellent way to get some fresh air and spend quality time with your friends or family.
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  • outdoor concerts-there tends to be plenty of live outdoor concerts during the summertime here in West Texas. Keep an eye on this website to keep up with who is coming to town and when this summer. We will do our best to keep you posted.
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