The Masked Rider has been riding at Texas Tech since their glorious debut in the 1954 Gator Bowl. A black horse carrying a masked man with a gaucho hat named Joe Kirk Fulton led the team onto the field and Texas Tech would win the game.

In almost every game since Texas Tech has been led onto the field by the Masked Rider.

60 different Masked Riders have ridden 14 different horses. In 2022, the 61st Masked Rider will ride the 15th horse in Texas Tech history. The new horse named Buzz will take Fearless Champion's place. Funny side note: Fearless Champion's real name is Woody. So Buzz is taking over for Woody.

It's Toy Story all over again. Call the Army Men and Rex and Slinky Dog.

Anyways, Buzz is a beautiful horse.

Just look at that majestic beast.

The cool part of being a Texas Tech horse that carries out the Masked Rider is that you get a cool new name. Buzz is pretty cool, but a Red Raider Related name will be even better.

To name the new horse, Texas Tech and United Supermarkets are doing a contest. Whoever comes up with the best stage name for Buzz will win a $500 dollar gift card. That's a lot of gas. Well, that's a considerable amount of gas. Er... That's some gas money.

It's also a whole lot of groceries.

You can enter the contest above, but not before taking a look at my ideas for the new horse. I'm not entering the contest, so feel free to use any of these.

15 Options to Name the 15th Masked Rider Horse

Buzz is the horses given name, but the guy needs a stage name.

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