Would you be willing to pay a visit to a place called Demon Road, where horrifying encounters have occurred, a place that makes your skin crawl the moment you arrive? Demon Road is located in Huntsville, TX, about 7 hours away from here, thankfully.



Demon Road is located in Huntsville, Texas, and even the locals know not to go after dark. Well, that sounds rather sinister. According to Austinghosts.com, one resident stated:

If I need something. No matter what, unless it’s life or death, I steer clear of that sucker once the sun goes down. That place ain’t no good. Not a place for any law-abiding Christian. The Devil take that land.”

It is actually called Bowden Rd. nicknamed Demon Rd. by those who have dared cross it. However, no one really knows the actual story of what might have happened there, making it all the more curious and fascinating.


Perhaps the land to which the road leads is cursed in some way? There is an old cemetery, Martha's Chapel nearby, maybe the encounters and unknown come from those buried there?

Curious folks, consider yourself warned that those who have gone before you to pay a visit to Demon's Road have reported that a spirit followed them home, and bad things began to happen. According to texasescapes.com,

 a steady flow of reports regarding the experiences travelers claim to have had while driving down the old road. People that wander off down “Demons Rd” tell tales of disturbing encounters, and an eerie feeling that sweeps over anyone who dares disrupt the spirits said to be lingering down Demons Rd.

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