When you think of basic Texas laws in Texas you may think of obeying the speed limit, keeping an eye on all traffic violations, concealed carry laws, etc. What I doubt anyone worries about is walking the streets barefoot or what kind of cheese to purchase on a Sunday. Sounds laughable but there are laws you may be breaking you are not even aware of. Consider yourself warned they are silly.


Portrait of ukrainian senior peasant in hat standing on a country road barefoot
  1. You Can't Be Barefoot in Public Without a Permit - Some cities in Texas still have this one on the books where it is illegal to go barefoot without a permit which will cost you $5. This is to comply with the "laws of sanitation and appearance."
  2. You Can't Eat Your Neighbor's Garbage Without Permission - Not sure what caused this law to be written, but I can assure you I will not be doing this anytime soon. Not following this law will land you in jail for trespassing and property theft.
  3. You Cannot Sell Limburger Cheese on Sunday - Again, not sure what caused this law to be written, and I can assure you I want nothing to do with Limburger cheese at any time. In case you don't know, Limburger cheese has a very foul and pungent odor, and I have never known anyone who prefers this kind of cheese.
  4. You Cannot Drink While Standing - This one is primarily for LeFors, Texas. Taking more than 3 sips or swallows of a beer is illegal when standing up. LeFors is just a little southwest of Pampa.
  5. You Must Give 24-Hour Notice Before Committing a Crime - This law was put on the books to curb crime, apparently in a much more neighborly time. The law states you must give victims a written or verbal notice before committing the crime.
  6. You Can't Shoot Buffalo From the Second Story of a Hotel - this is a wild west law back when buffaloes roamed the streets of any given town in Texas. Now that buffalo are not as plentiful as they were at the time this law was written, it really doesn't make much sense.
  7. You Are Married if You Publicly Announce it 3 Times - Since Texas is a common law marriage state, this one is a given, but it is still wild to think that you have to publicly announce it 3 times before you are legally married.
  8. In Galveston, You Cannot Sit on the Sidewalk - This weird law is still on the books, and it will cost you $500 if you are caught sitting on the sidewalk.
  9. You Cannot Milk Anyone Else's Cow - Yes, you read it right; I assume this means without the owner's knowledge cause it is a theft of personal property. Texas Penal Code says doing this will result in a fine of no more than $10.
  10. You Cannot Own the Encyclopedia Britannica - The reason for this is that a volume of the encyclopedia had a recipe for making beer, and lawmakers did not want home breweries popping up all over the state. Having the encyclopedia set would result in fines and/or jail time.

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