Buzz Question - Um, what's happening here. My WIFE ask me to leave the bathroom every time she is about to shower. AND NO it's not that Tik Tok challenge. She's been doing this since we recently got married.  Thing is when I'm in the shower or bathroom I don't  SHOO her away? I haven't asked her about it, should I or just let it go for now.

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Woman taking a shower

Jonjon D

she's texting Sancho bro


She don't want you to see her marks from her side dude

Look, she just needs space. A lot of times NEWLYWEDS are too clingy. If a SHOWER and bathroom time can't be her personal time...what can be?

I don't let my wife in the bathroom when I'm using it. Shower, POOP, whatever. Its my personal hygiene time. Plus I need my elbow room!

Okay, I'm that GIRL as well. I told my husband from the get TIME in the BATHROOM is my time. Let me do what I need to do and you will see me WHEN you see me. lol . It really is no biggie.

Get out! She's dong girl things.Let her get her HAIR did, BODY did...whatever....LOL you will see the finished product anyways.

Don't cause a headache you dont need bro! Just let it go bro!

After over 30 years, I run my husband out of the bathroom when I'm doing anything but brushing my teeth, so shower, get out. We have to have some privacy somewhere. My husband's not shy since we retired. He runs around the house nekkid after a shower and I try to catch him with the iron to get rid of the wrinkles.

it's privacy, I shoo out my boyfriend and my kids lol that's my 10 minutes of peace

She just wants to get her groove on.

Shower time. Time to RUB ONE OUT!

Maybe its her time to be with the neighbor, plumber or UPS guy

Insecure much?

lol she saw psycho

lmfao I do the same I shoo away my wife and 3year old like this is daddy's time away from you both leave me be

Maybe she just wants some privacy and that’s understandable


First! Question? was she shooing home out bathroom. when they were dating? Or was it okay for him to remain in there at that time? see! this is what kills me. if she was doing it b4 they got married. and he didn't like it. WHY? all of a sudden, it's a problem now? I'm all for bathroom time, which is ones personal time - space.

game changer
Let it go. It’s her time alone



Ana Blazic


Every couple deserves their privacy, right? According to verywell mind dot com...

The key to getting privacy in your relationship is to set boundaries with your partner. Talk together about what your individual boundaries are and discuss the things that you would prefer to keep private. Once you establish the type of things you want to share vs. what you want to keep private, you both share a responsibility to respect each other's privacy.

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