Anything that happens beyond 2 a.m. can seem like a fever dream after a late night of drinking at the bar.

One rather unique Uber vehicle has some passengers questioning not how they got home, but WHAT exactly drove them there.

How To Find The Shrek Uber

Most of my Uber rides have been pretty boring, as they should be. Pick me up, drop me off with little to no chit chat in between.

But then the Shrek Uber vehicle comes along and I'm wondering what other odd vehicles are out there that could pick me up someday.

TikTok user @420blazemelup recently shared a video of an Uber driving arriving in a vehicle that went all-in on a Shrek theme. Here are just a few of the features in this one-of-a-kind ride:

  • Shrek movie playing inside the vehicle
  • Shrek stuffies
  • Shrek decals
  • Shrek t-shirts you can buy from the driver

The license plate even says "Shrek 1" on it. It's a Louisiana plate in case you were wondering where to hitch a ride in the Shrek car.

Why Is There A Shrek Uber?

The Shrek-themed ride is the creation of Milton Ladner. He is a bit of a Shrek enthusiast who shuttles people around New Orleans.

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Ladner not only operates what he calls the NOLA Shrek Mobile, but he also cosplays as Shrek, attending various events and conventions.

Ladner has continued to add to his Shrek collection in the vehicle over the years. He's also started his own social media accounts dedicated to the effort where he also shares videos of riders belting out Shrek-themed karaoke.

"Just trying to bring some happiness into this world a little at a time," Ladner says on his TikTok account.

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