A Viral And Very Well Known Airbnb Rental In West Texas Just Lowered Its Asking Price.

If you've ever scrolled through Airbnb listings in Texas over the last few years, one of the most popular and unique listings you'll find is one called the Bruno Steel House in Ransom Canyon, just outside of Lubbock.

As you can see, this is one of the wildest homes you can spend the night in and now it can be all yours if your moneys right.

The Steel House, a Lubbock-area landmark, was built by the late sculptor Robert Bruno.


According to the Robb Report, Bruno began working on this home concept back in the ‘70s when he was a professor at Texas Tech. He spent the better part of 30 years creating the hybrid house/sculpture but never completed the home before his passing in 2008 at the age of 63.

His daughter sold the home to Courtney and Blake Bartosh in 2022, who opened up the home to the public as a one-of-a-kind vacation rental.

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The 2,450-square-foot Structure Is Now On The Market.


The home just went through a renovation that features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a new air conditioning system, and blonde wood-like vinyl floors.

Bruno’s personal belongings are also scattered throughout including his welding chair and old photographs. However, there is no word on whether those items will be included in the sale.

This funky spaceship looking home just lowered its asking price from $1,449,500 to $1,224,950 in June according to its listing on Zillow so if you have that type of dough laying around you can own some liveable art.

Let's take a look around inside.

Famed West Texas Bruno Steel House For Sale

It was once a popular AirBnB, now it can be yours for around $2 Million Bucks. Let's look inside!


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