Things were getting a little freaky in one Texas household early this morning.

San Antonio police had a very interesting start to their Wednesday morning. Around 2 AM, they received a call about a domestic disturbance that involved someone getting stabbed. Thankfully the victim was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries after being stabbed several times from his wife. So what in the hell happened?


Looks like the husband walked in and found his wife making adult content for her Only Fans page. I am assuming this was solo stuff and not with another person. It is unknown at this time if the man was aware of her Only Fans page. Whether he knew or not, he was unhappy with what was going on. An argument ensued and at one point 22-year-old Destiny Nicole Jimenez grabbed a knife. She began making slashing motions to her husband according to the police report.


He was cut on his chest, forearm, and actually stabbed into his ribs as well. He was able to run out of the house and call police. Police arrested and charged Destiny with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. There was a six-year-old child in the house that was picked up by the grandparents since the husband had to be taken to the hospital due to his injuries.

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I have no idea if this woman just created an Only Fans page without telling her husband, but that seems like something you would want to discuss with him before doing so. I know some guys would not be cool with their significant others having an Only Fans page. I say...make that money girl.

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