Bridge strikes are about as common along I-20 as any other kind of accident that happens on I-20, but to get rid of the bridges over the interstate it takes construction which will cause problems along the I-20 corridor through Midland and Odessa.

Since we have had just about every bridge on I-20 between the eastern city limits of Midland to the western city limits of Odessa hit in the past 5 years, the re-construction will take out all the bridges and re-work the interstate where it goes over all of the roads that the interstate currently goes under.

The other things that will happen to improve traffic along I-20 through Midland and Odessa are adding a third lane in both directions, and changing the two-way service roads to one-way service roads, which will help improve traffic getting on and off the main highway.

The first section that will be constructed will be from the Rankin Hwy (State Hwy 349) to the airport exit at FM 1788. Then the second phase will go from FM 1788 into Odessa and from Rankin Hwy east in Midland.

No timeline has been set as to when the projects will start and when they will be completed but to change roads from going over the interstate to going under the interstate is a job that will take a lot of time as well as causing headaches for people living south of I-20.

The southern part of Loop 250 is also on the docket to be constructed which should help out the traffic problems also, but there has not been a definite date for when the southern part of Loop 250 will be done.

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