(Update: November 5, 2015)

According to Daniel's wife's Facebook page, Daniel got to see "Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens," so that mean #FORCEFORDANIEL was a success!

To all our wonderful supporters, friends, family and awesome strangers: Daniels final dream was just granted!!! Today...

Posted by Ashley Fleetwood on Thursday, November 5, 2015

On behalf of everyone here at our station we want to say congratulations to Daniel and Ashley, and we hope he gets to see the movie again with all his friends when the long anticipated sequel is officially released. Needless to say, the force is strong with young Fleetwood, and we hope to see a trending new hashtag #NospoilersfromDaniel

(Update: November 2, 2015)

According to Uproxx.com, word has gotten around to Mark Hamill who even wants to see Daniel Fleetwood see the new 'Star Wars' movie. Some other news outlets have even gotten their eyes on Daniel's story, and so far it's looking good.

(Original Post: October 30, 2015)
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Does anyone happen to know when the critics will be able to review Star Wars before it's open to the public? I've been...

Posted by Ashley Fleetwood on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Daniel's loved one have raised over $15,000 to help with medical bills according to their GoFundMe page, and the money continues to pour in. There's just something about an underdog story that gets folks excited to help out. If Daniel doesn't get to see the new Star Wars movie early, hopefully he'll hold out to be able to see it with the rest of us, but why leave it to chance?

According to a recent update on Daniel's GoFundMe page shows that his medical condition his declining, so every share of this story counts.

September 20th 2015:
Daniel was given 1-2 months left to live on September 1st, the cancer had become aggressive and growing rapidly. He is now on hospice at home and we are cherishing every moment we have. We appreciate the support, emotionally, financially and spiritually."

You can do your part by helping spread the word and share this story, at least to let it get the happiest ending it can get.