Spring training reports have an abundance of sports cliches, but Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson is doing his part to change that. He thinks his players are such swell guys that they'd make great dates for his daughter — or your daughter. This is the same team with Jayson 'Caveman' Werth, Bryce 'That's a clown question, bro' Harper and Ian 'adult film 'stache' Desmond.

“I mean, I said last year, if I was younger — to a man — I’d ask them into my house and I wouldn’t be worried about my daughters going out with them,” Johnson said. “I’d be happy they were going out with them. The makeup on this club, as you know, is off the charts. And makeup is a direct function of the performance.”

We ask you: are you ever eager hearing about an athlete's 'performance' and 'your daughter' in the same conversation? You are not.

If Davey Johnson is more successful in getting his team hooked up than getting the Nationals to the World Series in 2013, he may have to find another job in 2014.