Comedian Jim Breuer is scheduled to host the just-announced stops on Metallica's WorldWired Tour, including the show at the United Supermarkets Arena in 2019.

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We wanted to make sure we highlighted this because the wording is a little tricky. Ordinarily, someone would ask "who's opening?" and expect to hear a band's name.

According to the United Supermarkets Arena's press release, Breuer will do some jokes, some giveaways and a little this and that to open the show. He may do some music, but there isn't really a band opening. We're sure it's going to be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, but we wanted to highlight this because it's a bit unusual.

Breuer is best known as "Goat Boy" from back in the day on Saturday Night Live, the movie Half-Baked and for the AC/DC bit below.

Metallica will hit Lubbock on March 2nd, 2019 and El Paso on February 28th, 2019. Those are the only dates for Texas.

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