Hailed as “the hottest band in the world” The Butcher Babes are pleasing metal fans around the nation with their aggressive mix of thrash, glam and industrial rock. Our new favorite hardcore band is fronted by the tough, sexy and scantily clad girl duo of Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, our Crushes of the Day.

The group is currently releasing their feminine fury on the road as part of the Destroy to Create Tour. Harey and Shephard are born show-women, dressing the part of screaming, blood-soaked, cleavage-bearing rock goddesses and delivering the hard metallic guitar assaults to match their bad attitudes.

Let’s face it, girls with guitars are hot. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find hotter girls with guitars that rock harder, and darker, than the two desirable decibel destroyers who head up The Butcher Babies.